KICK IN THE PANTS: not exactly the definition I was expecting!

Someone on tv commented that this mid-term election is a “kick in the pants” election.   I nodded my head and agreed with them.  It is a “wake up” call to the Democrats to get their act together prior to the 1012 Presidential election.   It seemed like a good comment to make.  The commentator went on […]

PUBLIC SERVANT: a person who holds appointed or elected office

Well, here we are just about a week away from the mid-term elections.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with sleazy TV political ads, cruel and questionable cross-charges by candidates, and inept people masquerading as legitimate candidates for public office.   I’m embarrassed that people from around the world are looking at what […]

UBIQUITOUS: seeming to have the ability to be everywhere at once

One of the great surprises of this mid-term election is the ubiquitous presence of Former President Bill Clinton on the campaign trail.   One person has compared him to a water-bug …  scampering all over the map seemingly tirelessly and showing up at the most unusual of places. President Clinton’s ubiquitous presence has been a God-send […]

JOBS: the bottom line issue; but there’s another side to it

It is no mystery to anyone that the primary issue fueling the mid-terms elections is unemployment … the lack of jobs for the unemployed and the underemployed.  It has been the major topic of discussion in the political realm for more than two years.  With the national unemployment statistic stuck at 9.6% there is no […]

INTERNECINE: conflict within a nation, organization, group

Is there anything more frustrating that to be a part of a group or organization which has come together over a common concern, articulated a statement of common purpose, and organized to meet that purpose … only to dissolve into conflict which threatens to destroy the group?  It happens all the time.   That is what is […]

PROGNOSTICATION: reading the future

Last night I watched a little bit of the reporting of the primary results for the mid-term elections.  It was a toss-up between that and the Red Sox/Mariners game, and I ended up choosig baseball over politics.  I was underwhelmed by the attempts at prognostication. Local reporters who are minimally skilled at things political turned […]