EPIPHANY: to show forth; to disclose


Today, January 6, is observed throughout Christianity as The Feast of The Epiphany. The tradition is characterized by the arrival of visitors from “the East” to honor the newborn baby Jesus. These visitors are depicted as kings or wise men;  my Priest spoke yesterday of them being astrologers. Their very existence depends upon the degree […]

MUCK: a highly organic, dark or black soil

  We passed a muck farm in Pennsylvania the other day and it brought back a flood of memories.   Muck farms are common in the area of west-central New York State where we once lived. The first time I was introduced to the term muck I took it to mean something negative.  It’s a word […]

FINAL STRETCH: the last straight portion of the racetrack from the last curve to the finish line

As an old racetrack junkie, having grown up just a stone’s throw from Saratoga Springs, the strategies of the race have always intrigued me.   Some people may have the idea that a horse race is just a bunch of thoroughbreds who bolt from the gate and run as fast as they can around the track […]

CRIPPLED: impaired, prevented from progressing*

  Once upon a time there lived a boy named Roger who couldn’t wait to get to school.   From the time he was three years old he begged his parents relentlessly to be able to  enter the first grade, believing that kindergarten would be a complete waste of time.  He had taught himself to […]

LETTING GO: the act of releasing one’s self, whether by intention or by necessity

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning with an extra hour of sleep time.   I’ve been sitting at my computer writing for the past hour, occasionally stopping just to gaze at the beautiful sight outside our sun room windows.   Golden maples ablaze with autumn color, the sun shining through them to create the kind of scene a […]

TURGID: swollen, inflated

A fellow blogger began her posting describing a turgid morning, the day after a dinner party on her patio.   My imagination pictured a sultry, damp morning, the dew from the night hanging on the patio furniture, a mist suspended above the moistened grass on the fresh-cut lawn, the sun barely breaking through the fog-like mist […]