QUID PRO QUO: one thing in return for another.

Quid pro quo is commonly understood to mean “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”  That is to say, “you do me a favor and I’ll do one for you.”   The phrase comes from Latin, meaning “something for something.” In the business world, quid pro quo is an ordinary concept, in which one business […]


The word confidence has played a major role in the editorials and op-ed pieces for the past several months.   It is usually coupled with the words consumer, voter, or investor to report that: consumer confidence is at an all-time low, with purchasing of goods being a very fragile marker voter confidence in the President and […]

SYSTEMIC: an underlying, repeating pattern

When you look at the illustration to the right which depicts the solar system it gives you a basis for understanding the word systemic. There is an order, seemingly a plan, by which the planets relate to the sun.  It is predictable, allowing us to develop a calendar and giving us a road map  by […]

CONSENSUS: a majority opinion

One of the difficult aspects of voting on an issue is that there are winners and losers.  Even when members of a committee go into a vote knowing that, there is always of sense of  someone being outvoted.  That may sting.  If a person feels strongly enough to vote in the opposition, there have to […]

WEALTH/POVERTY: a study of indifference

“The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Cliché, sure, but it’s also more true than at any time since the Gilded Age. The poor are getting poorer, wages are falling behind inflation, and social mobility is at an all-time low. If you’re in that top 1%, life is grand.” * That […]

OBFUSCATION: being intentional about concealing the truth

If I wanted to intentionally confuse a situation there are lots of methods to accomplish it.  The easiest way for me is to use lots of words, including lots of difficult or obscure words, to so mask the truth of something that it was unable to be detected.   This is the act of obfuscation. The […]