SHARIAH [shah-REE-ah]: a system of law deemed to be derived from the Koran

      A lot has been said and written about Islamic law over the past few years, some out of intelligence, some out of ignorance.  The fear of something “different” keeps some people from seeking the truth when it comes to things Islamic.  This is particularly true when dealing with the concept of Shariah, […]

MEGALOMANIA: a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness, wealth, etc

Following the events in Libya these days it is easy to become confused about the logical process if I forget that the leader of the country, Col. Al Qaddafi, is a megalomaniac.  That may sound like a negative, judgmental  thing to say about someone, especially a head of state.  But it is less a personal […]

REPLICATE: to duplicate

Whenever someone comes up with a great idea the question arises: “How can we replicate this?“  It seems like a knee-jerk reaction.  If something is so good, so useful, so valuable, why wouldn’t we want to make more of them?  I suppose that’s part of the American system of economics.  The idea is to continue […]

TORQUE: any force or system of forces that causes or tends to cause rotation

I’ve admitted to you before that I have no skills when it comes to things mechanical.  My favorite saying is that I have trouble distinguishing between an Allen Wrench and a Phillips Head Screwdriver.  The fact that they both have proper names in them is confusing to me. So when I focus on a very, […]

REVOLUTION: an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.

There have been all kinds of euphemisms employed over the past two weeks to describe the activity in the central square of Cairo and in the other cities of Egypt.  But the reality has pushed through those euphemisms:   what is happening is a revolution. The people of Egypt have lived under the organized dictatorship of […]

BATED: to restrain or hold back

The only way I’ve ever heard this word used is in  reference to bated breath.  It is a common term, meaning to face a situation that requires one to show restraint in anticipation of the result. “We watched with bated breath as the truck careened down the highway.” The implication of the use of the […]