Lackluster is one of those words that says exactly what it means.   Something that is lackluster lacks luster; it is dull. This is a word that has many applications, including the description of a personality.  Someone who has no spark, energy, or ambition can be said to be lackluster.  That’s not to say that everyone […]

SANDWICH GENERATION: middle agers caught between caring for children as well as elderly parents

This may not be a new term to you, but sandwich generation is a term which needs to be lifted up every now and then just to remember what some people are experiencing.  It is a term which became popular in the 1980 era, which refers to the dual-care role played by many Americans these […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: the foundational components of a system

Infrastructure is a word that refers to the basic design components which are composed in a system, whether it be an organization or a transportation system.  As used most recently, it has come to mean the roads, bridges, sewer systems, water systems, and other components which support our country.   The prefix infra is a French […]

LOCAVORE: one who consumes locally-produced foods

So … is it an environmental, philosophical, or an economic issue?   It may well be all three. Becoming a locavore is to commit one’s self to purchasing and/or consuming   locally grown or produced food. (“Local” is generally defined as meaning within 100 miles of purchase or consumption.)   The word is fairly new, having crept […]

REVERSAL: a turn-around

Well, over the past two days I’ve identified a target issue: the decline of the Middle Class in America, and I’ve commented on some of the issues which feed that decline.  It is only appropriate that I offer my spectator-based opinions as to how this decline might get turned around.  As I have said, I’m […]

JOBS: the bottom line issue; but there’s another side to it

It is no mystery to anyone that the primary issue fueling the mid-terms elections is unemployment … the lack of jobs for the unemployed and the underemployed.  It has been the major topic of discussion in the political realm for more than two years.  With the national unemployment statistic stuck at 9.6% there is no […]