MUSINGS: some random thoughts on an overcast, late winter day

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I just finished reading the “Fiction” section of  last week’s New Yorker.  I haven’t enjoyed reading these submissions as much over the past year or so.   Too bizarre at times.   The selection process seemed to be skewed in a direction which didn’t necessarily appeal to me.   I read them anyway. This  submission was good.   The […]

GRIEVE [greev]: to feel sorrow


It seems that the fact of death has become more and more common in my life lately.  Do you suppose that it has anything to do with the fact that I am now an “older American?”    But the issue of death is not reserved to older people.   There have also been numerous instances of deaths […]

MNEMONIC [ni-MON-ik]: something designed to assist with a memory


The issue of memory loss or failure is very much a topic of concern in today’s world.   As people live longer, well into the “elderly” years, it more and more common for them to experience some forms of memory loss.   For most people it is a normal part of the aging process.  For others it […]

ORGAN RECITAL: a listing of one’s ailments in response to a question of health


I’m going to break all kinds of precedence today. It is not my pattern, in writing this blog, to copy someone else’s work.  I try very hard to give proper reference to materials, but I also try to use discretion in waiting an appropriate amount of time before employing a post idea. Today, however, I […]

LIGHT POLLUTION: the over-abundance of artificial light in our culture

When I was a kid I could stand in the backyard of my home and watch the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, with no difficulty.  The lights danced in the sky in a variety of colors and it was more exciting than watching Robert Montgomery Presents on our one television station. The light show originated […]

OVERBEARING: dominating or dictatorial

This shouldn’t be a long posting today.  I doubt that there are many people “out there” who can’t identify with this term, overbearing.  It has to do with someone being overwhelmingly “on top of you” in the sense of being dictatorial, relentless, and generally a pain in the neck.  Is there anybody who has never […]