LAXATIVE: A natural or chemical medication to facilitate bowel function.

My first awareness of the function of LAXATIVES came in elementary school.  We walked home for lunch every day. My “friends” offered me chocolate, and I readily accepted.  Lunch went fine. But about the moment I was ready to head back to school the disguised Ex Lax took over.  I never made it back to […]

POTENTIAL COMING ATTRACTION…how about an anthology of my short stories?


Now let’s be clear…this is just speculation and postulation.  There’s nothing in writing, and I’m just looking for feedback on the idea. It has been suggested to me that I gather a number of my short stories into a collection and publish them.   I really enjoy writing short stories (really short ones, especially.)    And I […]

IN LIKE A LION; OUT LIKE A LAMB….the month of March


I usually look forward to the month of March, as (here in Southern New England) it signals the beginning of Spring. By now crocuses and daffodils are beginning to thrust their green sensors through the earth and the breezes are more of a breath than a gust. But this year is different. It is March, […]

NOTABLE: prominent, highly respected


The photo to the right is of Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Chldren’s Defense Fund, and one of the most respected voices in the arena of children’s rights and education in the United States.   You may know of her, and may even have recognized her.  But for many Americans her name is familiar and […]

WORD PATRONAGE: self-referential clarifications made in the context of writing or speaking

word patronage

I was thumbing through Garner’s Modern American Usage the other day looking for something for a piece I was writing.   I turned a page and saw an item listed which intrigued me.  It was Word Patronage.   I was curious what it was all about, and discovered that it was something that related to my own […]

GROUNDHOG DAY: February 2, February 2, February 2, February 2, February 2

groundhog day

Apart from the tradition of Punxsutawney Phil making his annual appearance to determine the remaining days of winter, there is a far more serious application of the term Groundhog Day.  Ironically, it comes from one of the funniest comedic movies ever produced, starring Bill Murray.  The theme of the movie, which will be watched tens […]