OSTENSIBLY: outwardly appearing as such


I tried being a basketball referee at one time.   I was a provisional licensee while I was still in college, and took a couple of turns at officiating jayvee games.   Two was enough.  I’m not cut out for it.   There is nothing a ref can do which is correct.  Everything is questioned, sometimes vociferously.   After […]

RACIST NAMES: NFL team name sparks controversy; American Indians demand change


The controversy which is raging over the use of the name “Redskins” by the Washington NFL team is reaching a new level of volume and negativity.     For over 80 years the team has clung to its name, but there have been a number of times in its history when the name was challenged.   Of late, […]

CONTROVERSIAL: a matter about which there is strong disagreement


The World Series of baseball provides any number of opportunities to observe disputed decisions.   Monday-morning quarterbacks (that’s a mixed metaphor, being a football term) love to hash over and rehash coaching decisions with which they disagree. The Manager should/should not have removed a certain pitcher when he did. So-and-so was not a good choice as […]

EFFUSIVE: over-flowing, in excess


  While the concept of overflowing, or effusive, is most easily visualized by water or some other liquid, the term is more accustomed to being used in another context.   Effusive is an adjective which is commonly employed to describe commentary, or praise.  “Her effusive compliments were almost embarrassing to the recipient of the award.” In […]

MARATHON : any contest, event, or the like, of great, or greater than normal, length or duration or requiring exceptional endurance

When the bombs went off in Boston on Patriots Day the Boston Marathon was well into its concluding hours.   The winners had come across the finish line a long time ago, and now the “other” winners … those who completed the 26.2 mile course … were surging across the finish line, having seen the attainment […]

METTLE: to have strength, courage, fortitude

tom brady

Something happened in the sports world recently that deserves the attention it is receiving.   Tom Brady, the quarterback of the New England Patriots NFL team negotiated a three year contract that will take him to 2017 when he will be 40 years of age.   That will make him one of the “older” players in the […]