MUSINGS: some random thoughts on an overcast, late winter day

musing 2

I just finished reading the “Fiction” section of  last week’s New Yorker.  I haven’t enjoyed reading these submissions as much over the past year or so.   Too bizarre at times.   The selection process seemed to be skewed in a direction which didn’t necessarily appeal to me.   I read them anyway. This  submission was good.   The […]

POST-OLYMPIC DEPRESSION: the feeling of sadness after the flame has been extinguished


The noise, the crowds, the excitement, the food, the drinks, the music, the awards ceremonies, TV trucks from all over the world, interviews on every corner, and personalities willing to sign autographs. It is magical.   It is the Olympics. But then comes the hard part.  A closing ceremony, the passing of the Olympic flag […]

1500: The number of posts I have written for this blog!

Every now and then I am asked to fill out a submission form which asks for the publications for which I am responsible.   I do the required listing, including an imperfect novel, articles written to professional journals during my previous career, two pieces I have had published…one in a literary journal and the other an […]

POCKET KNIFE: A short piece I wrote a while ago. Enjoy this fictional account.

pocket knife

 Pocket Knife                                                                                 Jed Waverly I.                    Gram was 82 years old that Christmas.  She said it was probably her last one with us, so she wanted to do something special.   The fact is that Gram had said this every year for the past five or six […]

VALENTINE’S DAY INEQUITY: diamonds for women, a card for men?


Now I don’t want to sound like a misogynist, but as a man, I think Valentine’s Day has turned into a “women get the benefit” day.  I’ve never really liked Valentine’s Day to begin with.  I think it’s a product of the greeting card industry, gleefully supported by the floral, candy, and jewelry industries.  I […]

WRITER: an author or journalist

writer 2

It has taken me some time before I was able to identify myself as a writer…at least with some comfort.  I would squeeze out the word through tense lips at times, but for the most part, it was something I knew I was seeking to attain, but hadn’t quite arrived.  I think I was laboring […]