Jed WaverlyJed Waverly
Providence, Rhode Island
     Jed Waverly is my pen name.  I have always loved the name Jed, so I decided to take it on when I began writing seriously in 2009.    Waverly was my grandmother’s middle name.
     My life has been a collage of experiences, including nearly forty years as an ordained clergyperson.   I retired and took the opportunity to explore the profession to which I had been attracted for many years.   I love to write.   So I became a writer.
     My education includes a Bachelor’s degree, two Master’s degrees, and a Doctorate.   At various points in my life they were very important to me.   Now I am humbled by rejections from publishers and criticisms by readers (which I take very seriously.) 
     I have a love for words…to the point that my family crawls all over me for correcting inappropriate use of words.  I love to call myself a wordsmith, although I do not have an actual credential in linguistics.  I have great respect for those who do. 
     But I also love politics, religion, sports, food, and entertainment.  My wife and I love to travel.  I am aging and find myself mystified by its ups and downs.   I read two newspapers daily and love to read fiction.   These are my new credentials.   The Penultimate Word, therefore, becomes an eclectic gathering of commentary on these and other topics. 
     I live in Providence, Rhode Island, a place we chose after I retired.   It is a wonderful city in a beautiful state.   There is plenty of fodder here for writing, and the culture of writing in this city welcomes it and nurtures it.   It has been an honor to be able to take courses in writing at Brown University.
     You will meet my family through this blog.   They are exceedingly tolerant of my whims and fantasies.  In fact, they even make suggestions which end up being posted on the blog.   Which brings me to another point.  
     I welcome your suggestions and comments.   Please do not hestitate to use the device on the contact page of this blog to communicate with me about your concerns and interests.   I welcome your criticisms and your praise.  
     Thanks for checking out this blog.  Please become a regular reader.
Jed Waverly
(Illustration credit to Elizabeth Whelan)